Garden Maintenance Tips


Celebrating 50 years of flower selling

Cape Town - For the locals and business owners of Belmont Square in Rondebosch, 80-year-old Niomi Ward was the true beauty among the flowers she sold each day. A few friends and family gathered to celebrate Ward’s birthday at Lyra’s coffee shop on Monday - paying tribute to the woman who had spent the last five decades selling flowers.

Tuscaloosa board OKs Druid City Garden Project for 2 more schools

In September, students at Faucett-Vestavia and Flatwoods elementary schools will be encouraged to expand their minds by getting their hands dirty. The Tuscaloosa County Board of Education has approved a partnership with the Druid City Garden Project, a nonprofit organization that helps children learn science and math through gardening.

Grow Vegetables in Containers

RCP reverted edits by SleepingTree (talk) to revision #18095237 by MiscBot Older revision Revision as of 09:04, 6 August 2015 Line 15: Line 15: # Consider time-delayed planting. If you have no wish to preserve these, its recommended to plant the amount you would use in a week, then a week later repeat so you will get a staggered harvest.[[Image:Grow Vegetables in Containers Step 7.jpg|center]] # Consider time-delayed planting.

Marijuana Growers and Greenhouse Companies Help Each Other Find a Place in the Sun

The legal marijuana business is growing rapidly, offering potential riches to savvy entrepreneurs who get in at this early stage. But for most growers, a major obstacle stands in the way. The indoor systems they use require massive amounts of energy--and, in turn, money--to keep running. A recent study by researcher Evan Mills estimates that at least one percent of the total power usage of the U.S. is consumed by indoor weed grows.

Garden Tools

Most people will agree that the ability to operate in the garden…

Grow Vegetables in Wire Columns

RCP reverted edits by Brian Swancutt (talk) to revision #18102899 by MiscBot Older revision Revision as of 18:11, 26 August 2015 Line 14: Line 14: #* [[Grow and Pick Melons|Melons]] and other such as [[Grow a Pumpkin|pumpkins]] or [[Plant Squash in Hills|squashes]] can be grown by this method as ...

Gardens an important part of Eckley’s past, future

Gardens have formed an important part of the history of Eckley Miners’ Village for decades — and they may prove just as important to the site’s future. Today, Eckley’s lawns are green and lavish, but the original citizens of the patchtown would have converted their arable ground into plots of ...

Who needs soil? New-age farmers grow strawberries in pots hanging from the ceilings of high-tech greenhouses

Smothered with cream at Wimbledon, scoffed illicitly at pick-your- own farms or turned into tasty home-made jam, the strawberry is the king of fruit. Over the summer, more than 75,000 tonnes of British-grown strawberries fly off the shelves of supermarkets, greengrocers and market stalls. But increasingly, the fruit has not been lovingly grown in soil and delicately sought out on the ground by a crouched picker.

This Passive House Gives Us Warm Fuzzies

If I had to put a couple big-ticket items on my shortlist of things that will save the world, passive houses would be right up at the top. Connected to the house but separated from the main space is a greenhouse where the owner grows vegetables and herbs throughout the year, getting a jump start on warm weather with spring plantings in addition to extending the growing season in the midst of cold weather.