Garden Maintenance Tips

Improving Garden Soil

Improving Garden Soil

Though you may be lucky as a gardener to operate on perfect soil, most garden’s always fail to exhibit the needed minerals. Too much clay in your soil or too much stones may give you hard time to plough. But, you shouldn’t despair. Here are…



Why living in the country can make you happier

Growing up in a small coastal town in Tasmania meant that the city, the "big smoke" (or "the mainland" as Tasmanians rather embarrassingly tend to call the rest of Australia) had a pull over me. But every few months or so I feel another pull, toward fresh air, seeing the stars, having a bit of space and a vanilla slice (or a snot block if we're using the technical term) from an old-fashioned country bakery.

Grow Vegetables in New England

Standardizing some image attributes that have now been built into images automatically; removing hidden intro images Older revision Revision as of 05:03, 29 July 2015 Line 3: Line 3: == Steps == == Steps == #Start seeds indoors 8 weeks before you transplant them to your garden. If you don't have a lot of indoor space, choose the starter vegetables that have a long maturation time.

Roosevelt University’s two rooftop farms in Chicago

On the 5th floor of Roosevelt University's Loop campus, there are two rooftop vegetable gardens. Later this summer, those vegetables and herbs will be harvested and used in Roosevelt's dining hall. By Karis Hustad ChicagoInno 07/20/15 Excerpt: There are five green roofs on the Wabash building, three of which create natural insulation to assist with [...].

Shopping mall uses garbage to create a thriving rooftop farm for employees

Using trash from the shopping mall's food court, these employees are transforming garbage into compost to grow vegetables and herbs on the mall's rooftop. About 400 kilos of organic waste, that's more than 880 lbs, are generated every day from the malls eateries, explains Cicero Evangelista, who is in charge of recycling.

Garden Tools

Most people will agree that the ability to operate in the garden…

Beating hunger: This Emirati farmer shows how to grow rice in the desert

The UAE Ministry of Environment and Water provides technical support to farme Image Credit: WAM Growing celery with hydroponics. The UAE Ministry of Environment and Water provides technical support to farme UAE national Saleh Mohammad Yarouf Al Mansouri has demonstrated his amazing green thumb ...

Gardens an important part of Eckley’s past, future

Gardens have formed an important part of the history of Eckley Miners’ Village for decades — and they may prove just as important to the site’s future. Today, Eckley’s lawns are green and lavish, but the original citizens of the patchtown would have converted their arable ground into plots of ...

August in the garden

Many gardens have filled with summer weeds; remove and till the soil for planting. Give tomatoes an extra-large container and keep moist to prevent blossom-end rot. Mulch new plantings to conserve water and promote better plant growth. Lawns may begin to look yellow green by midsummer; apply a feeding where possible.

Brewerytown Garden rises from Marathon Farm ruins

LAST SUMMER, Blair Shaw, an attorney who lives in Brewerytown, regularly walked his dog, Bailey, past a dense weed jungle on Master Street near 27th, unaware that in 2011 it had been Marathon Farm, an oasis of veggies in an urban food desert. "I have a 15-by-15-foot garden so I couldn't grow all the vegetables I like to eat," he said.